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The advantages of professional Food Photography

Are you a restaurant owner? Do you want to read something scarier than any Stephen King novel?

According to research conducted by Amarach – one of Ireland’s longest established market research organisations – Irish restaurants are losing an estimated €75.2 million in turnover to digital delivery services like Deliveroo and Just Eat.

As any restaurant or a café owner begrudgingly knows, these digital ordering platforms can charge as much as 30pc commission on a single delivery.

That’s a huge slice of the – pun intended – pie.

With restaurants, cafes and gastropubs being hit particularly hard by COVID-19 restrictions, many have had to pivot to home delivery. While platforms like Deliveroo and Just Eat certainly make this transition that little bit easier, they most certainly charge for that convenience.

As such, with the easing of restrictions on the horizon, it’s only natural that restaurant owners are gearing up for a grand re-opening.

After all, the ambience, the food presentation and the service of a restaurant can never be properly replicated at home.

The public’s appetite – yep, another pun – to visit a restaurant is a huge opportunity for restaurateurs. However, competition for this food goldrush will likely be intense. Therefore it’s important to give your restaurant every chance of standing out. And professional food photography and restaurant photography may just give you the edge you need.

Food Photography

Various Irish and international polls indicated that anywhere from 50pc to 70pc of diners research restaurants online before visiting. With this in mind, strong engaging visual content to populate websites, social media feeds, review sites, etc. is critically important.

Our food photography is so much more than simply capturing the actual food. We take into account the ethos of the restaurant and the atmosphere of the dining room. The food photography offered by Best Photo & Video Production Ltd. acts as a visual shorthand for the business, attracting customers who not only love the restaurant's food but the restaurant's brand.

Your Food Photography Partners

To achieve this we work closely with restaurant owners. We get a feel for how they want their restaurant to be positioned in the market. The unparalleled quality of the imagery we capture means our

photos can be used as the centrepiece of both offline and online marketing campaigns.

Thankfully restaurants and cafés will likely see an upswing in fortunes in the coming months and to make sure your restaurant has every chance of rising with this tide, hire us for your food photography.

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